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 Spirit/Parawka vs. Alphazone/DiamondJ09

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Spirit/Parawka vs. Alphazone/DiamondJ09 Empty
PostSubject: Spirit/Parawka vs. Alphazone/DiamondJ09   Spirit/Parawka vs. Alphazone/DiamondJ09 I_icon_minitimeFri 20 Aug - 3:08:40

Here's a match I thought I'd post from the Brawl Domain's BDTL (Brawl Domain Team League). Spirit (Snake) and myself (Kirby) of Prime Alliance go against Alphazone (Ganondorf) and DiamondJ09 (Wolf) of Wolf Pack.

Watch where I cost Spirit one of his lives... I hated that.
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Spirit/Parawka vs. Alphazone/DiamondJ09
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