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 If you could....

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PostSubject: If you could....   Thu 16 Sep - 9:25:17

before i start the reason why i put this here is cause i don't know it would fit , but since everyone but but me has a wii is said why not here anyone is welcome to move it if it fits some place else.

anyone the i made is cause i got to thinking( bad sign) what game would you make from any of the popular franchises today, like zelda, star fox, mario, or etc, would you make if you had the chance to.

Me, i would make a real Mario & Sonic were fight together to stop King Koopa and Dr. Robotnik from taking over the mushroom kingdom and in the end Wario and Metal Sonic would come to be the real villians, then they would have a epic battle.

that's just what i have make if i had the chance.
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If you could....
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