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PostSubject: Parawka Ware   Parawka Ware I_icon_minitimeMon 30 Aug - 8:40:49

This is my Special Brawl default rules:

- 3-5 Stock Match or 3 mins Time match
- All Items ON (High) - or OFF
- Hit Ratio 1.0 (Normal)
- Played at Wario Ware, Final Destination, BattleField, Smashville, Yoshi's Island, or Pictochat.

When I want to brawl this way, I will say "Sp. Brawl" in a chatbox or something. Try not to care about winning or losing or unfair advantages because of course it won't be fair for some characters. This is strictly for fun. Not a serious match.
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Parawka Ware
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